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Manifesto to the attention of Armenians from Western Armenia

 Presentation of the manifesto

      The Armenian National Council puts at the disposal of the Armenians everywhere in the world, a manifesto, in order to request every person, expatriated and descendant of Genocide survivors, to claim from the High Commission for Human Rights of the United Nations our most elementary and fundamental rights to existence and self-determination.

      Our right to self-determination is a right which, on a legal basis, necessarily needs a large-scale democratic support of Armenians from Western Armenia, of Armenians everywhere in the world.

 This is why each filled out and signed form is of the utmost importance.

     No other group of persons, no other structure, apart from the Armenians, descendants of Genocide survivors, may claim this right to self-determination, enabling to give to Armenians from Western Armenia a democratic structure, in order to assume the future of our exiled people.

     It is time, there are no two ways about it, let’s show our solidarity with each other and build together a collective future.

     However, non-Armenians may be willing to sign this manifesto in order to express their support to our claims.

     Do not hesitate to make them fill out and sign, even if they obviously cannot indicate their region of origin in Western Armenia.

     Let’s prove together that Armenians from Western Armenia, survivors of the Genocide, are still standing to fight for their rights to existence and self-determination.

 The Armenian National Council

 Manifesto (in pdf format)


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Sentence of the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal (1984)